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Get users' needs directly from your product

We let users share and comment each other feedback directly on their application to bring great collaboration.


Add our widget in your application

Our customizable widget is thought to make users feel like it's always been there.

Live conversations between users

Our widget gives to the users an effortless way to create and share feedback between them.

Like other users' ideas

Users can easily express themselves and highlights what are the best ideas for them.

Manage users' needs easily

WeLoop has been designed to embrace the methods of works of product managers


Agile software methods

Manage users' needs on a totally customizable kanban.

Simple management

Assign, priorise... Organize your work as you used to do it.

Integration with your project management software

Send users' needs to your favorite project management tool.

Take objective decisions with data analysis and reporting

We use data to let you be sure that every decisions are reliable and based on real users' needs.


Qualify objectively each users' need

Our algorithms takes in account users' behaviors, messages analysis and much more to ensure what is relevant or not.

Priorise your backlog

We compare users' needs between them to let you know which one is the most important for you and your users.

Know your users

Get a global view of your community and identify your key users.

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